The viewpoint of mine of Neil Jordan’s 1994 Interview with the Vampire is possibly greater compared to the common consensus ; I enjoyed its big budget theatrics and Tom Cruise’s overall performance as the beautiful and vain Vampire Lestat. But rather than examine, I easily threw it out the window while seeing the brand new Queen of the Damned Full Movie, which was taken from the same sequence of vampire books by Anne Rice.To put it simply, Interview with the Vampire was an “A” movie as well as Queen of the Damned is a “B” movie, plus they each be successful in their respective areas.

To put it simply, Interview with the Vampire was an “A” movie as well as Queen of the Damned is a “B” movie, plus they each be successful in their respective areas.

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Starring as Lestat this period is actually Stuart Townsend (About Adam and Simon Magus), that ranks actually a little smaller on the summary of bankable movie stars than Cruise, and also it shows. The Lestat of his seems as a pouty very little boy at times, with nowhere near the charm Cruise exudes. Nevertheless, he pulls it off from large force of will, particularly during the performances of his as the singer in a 9 Inch Nails like goth metal band.

Though most fans are going to want to find out about our dearly departed pop star Aaliyah (Romeo Must Die), who plays the title role, a vampire queen called Akasha. Although it is not completely clear just who she’s or perhaps how old she’s or even what the powers of her are, the part is nailed by Aaliyah. The way in which she moves looks amazing on digital camera, component serpent, part kitten — the lips of her just slightly parted, experiencing the fangs of her as in case they continue to had a sheen of fresh blood on them. Of course, she’s to deliver lines as “join me or maybe die!” though she obviously likes chomping on the scenery. To the credit of her, the great Myrna Loy had a part a lot this way first in the job of her, in The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932), and moved on to better things. We are able to only speculate that Aaliyah may have accomplished the same.

The Plot

The plot has very poor Lestat, bored off the mind of his after 200 yrs of immortality. He raises from the coffin of his, intrigued after listening to a little loud goth metal. The program is developed by him to reveal himself as a vampire to the world through performing with this particular rock band, wishing that his fellow vamps will kill him during a huge sold out, one shot concert in Death Valley. “Better dead than alone,” he reasons.

Meanwhile, we flash again & find out about Lestat’s maker, a much earlier vampire called Marius (Vincent Perez). Although after Lestat discovers the power of her, Marius disappears, taking Akasha with him, Marius is definitely the keeper of Akasha’s body turned to stone. You are able to bet that these 2 will change up once more at some point.

During the present, Jesse Reeves (Marguerite Moreau, who is like a youthful Karen Allen), a part of a secret society of paranormal observers, has found out Lestat’s hangout. She becomes obsessed with looking for him, and ultimately, with being “turned” by him. Lena Olin co stars as Jesse’s aunt, though what she is doing here is not completely developed.

Through all this, director Michael Rymer (In Too Deep)and screenwriters Scott Abbot as well as Michael Petroni continue to keep things pulsing, although the movie suffers from a slow start and some half baked plot as well as character turns. But Rymer has entertaining with a few experimental-film and expressionistic moments there and here, especially in Lestat’s music video as well as his dream reveries.

The sets genuinely dazzle, from great chambers with checkered floors to Akasha’s chamber with its flooring of dark water as well as huge fiery torches adorning the wall space. One great moment has Lestat waking up in the early morning — finding that he is able to walk in the sun — savoring the blowing wind through the trees before looking down and noticing a swimming pool full of corpses (the digital camera does a gradual tilt downward to disclose them gradually).


Queen of the Damned knows that we only want to have a great time without being concerned too much about the Meaning of Life. We would like to hang out with the vampires, with the suave manner of theirs, awesome outfits, and energy to drain the life out of anybody who gets in the fashion of theirs. The action is kept by the picture and gore moving at a pleasant clip, invents a couple of fascinating and humorous brand new moments (one beheading is especially amazing), as well as keeps it almost all real gorgeous.